Kura Yangu / My vote

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Notice du corpus
  Langue :
  Catégorie(s) : Corpus, Swahili
  Mode d’énonciation : Oral   Mots-clés : Bongo Flava, General Elections 2005, Hip-hop, Tanzania, Tanzanie, chant, performance, rap, style, versification
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  Contributeurs :
  • Uta REUSTER-JAHN (Rédacteur de la notice, Rédacteur des annotations, Traducteur, Transcripteur)
  •  Description :

    The song was produced to comment on the 2005 General Elections in Tanzania. It aims at the voters and urges them not to sell their votes for some small presents from the candidates. Kura yangu (‘my vote’) by the artists Dr. Levy and Sugu aims to raise awareness of democratic rights and responsibility among Tanzanian citizens, as well as to criticise politicians. From a first person perspective the song tells the audience about the meaning of ballot-casting and the corrupt habits of some politicians who try to win voters’ support by giving them a small gift. However, it does not blame the giver alone, but also the receiver, the citizen, whom it warns not to ‘sell’ his vote. The song lasting 4.54 minutes is rapped at moderate speed. It consists of three verses divided by a sung chorus. The first two verses are rapped by Dr. Levy and the last one by Sugu, while the respective other adds interjections at the end of phrases. The chorus is sung by Juma Nature from the crew TMK Wanaume . Right at the beginning the artists outline the theme of the song: “My vote from my hands […] shouldn’t be a ‘vote of eating’.” In fact, the rhyming formula kura ya kula (‘vote of eating’) encapsulates the message of the song: citizens should use their vote responsibly and not ‘sell’ it for gifts distributed among them during the election campaign. The first verse goes on to tell the audience that a vote has an impact on society: “My vote should remove the burden from grandmother and grandfather”, it “should alleviate the bitterness in the hearts of my brothers […].” It even addresses the problems of musicians: “We musicians don’t succeed because we lack copy right. Our MPs, you are expected to speak out in the meetings”. After this the chorus joins in with the message that the answer to the question how to achieve a better life in towns and villages is to use one’s vote. The second verse, after having listed some of the grievances in the lives of Tanzanians comes to the conclusion that “changes are necessary”, because politicians too often are after their own profit. The third verse warns politicians: “I don’t give you ‘yes’ when your commitment is ‘no’”. It then turns to the voters: “The corrupt politicians, we have to punish them”.

      Sources :

    Mp3-file, obtained informally by transcriber/translator from a radio DJ in Tanzania

      Couverture spatio-temporelle :

    Tanzanie, 2005

      Droits : Les droits exclusifs de propriété intellectuelle sur cette œuvre appartiennent à Dk Levy, Sugu. Toute exploitation de cette œuvre est soumise à son autorisation.
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