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Notice du corpus
  Langue :
  Catégorie(s) : Corpus, Swahili
  Mode d’énonciation : Oral   Mots-clés : Bongo Flava, General Elections 2005, Hip-hop, Tanzania, Tanzanie, chant, oralité, performance, rap, style, versification, énonciateur
  Par :
  Contributeurs :
  • Uta REUSTER-JAHN (Rédacteur de la notice, Traducteur, Transcripteur)
  •  Description :

    Song was produced to comment on the 2005 General Elections in Tanzania. It was not released on audio cassette or compact disc. This track, which lasts 4:30 minutes, is divided into three verses separated by a chorus. It represents the speech of a man, ‘Benja’, directed to his younger brother, ‘Mrisho’, at the occasion of handing over to him the house which he once had inherited from their father. The text connects three political figures: 1) ‘baba’ (‘father’): the late first president of Tanzania, Julius Kambarage Nyerere, who commonly is referred to as baba wa taifa (‘father of the nation’), 2) ‘Benja’: William Benjamin Mkapa, the parting president, and 3) ‘Mrisho’: Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, the president to-be. Their political relationship as leading figures of the CCM is reinterpreted as a genealogy with Nyerere being the father of Mkapa as well as Kikwete. The house that is being handed over to the younger brother is a metaphor for Tanzania. ‘Benja’ summons his younger brother and gives him instructions on how to manage the house well. He is doing so with reference to the legacy of their father, who has already left this world. Despite many achievements, three basic problems have persisted since the times of ‘father’, symbolized by the tenants living in the house: Ignorance, Diseases, and Poverty. ‘Benja’ urges his younger brother to clamp down on them, especially since Poverty has recently married Corruption. This image of the marriage between the two illustrates the interconnectedness of poverty and corruption in developing countries without using many words. ‘Benja’ views his brother capable of fighting those destructive tenants, because he has been a member of the army. ‘Benja’ also reminds ‘Mrisho’ not to forget his younger siblings symbolizing the Tanzanian youth, who “are not the nation of tomorrow, but of today”.

      Sources :

    Mp3-file, obtained informally by transcriber/translator from a radio DJ in Tanzania

      Couverture spatio-temporelle :

    Tanzanie, 2005

      Droits : Les droits exclusifs de propriété intellectuelle sur cette œuvre appartiennent à Ngwair. Toute exploitation de cette œuvre est soumise à son autorisation.
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