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The Encyclopedia of Literatures in African Languages (Encyclopédie des littératures en langues africaines, ELLAf) is a digital project of the Paris-based National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilisations (Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales, INALCO) that was funded by the Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR). The project ELLAf started on January 2014. It is coordinated by Ursula Baumgardt, a Professor at INALCO and member of the research unit INALCO/PLIDAM, which she joined in January 2017. Conducted in partnership with Xavier Garnier, a Professor at Paris 3 University and member of THALIM (Theory and History of Arts and Literatures of Modernity, UMR 7172 CNRS), ELLAf was launched on the web with ten languages and associated literatures. Its aim is to integrate more languages and literatures and to enrich the existing ones. If you wish to contribute to the Encyclopedia, here are some indications on the heading structure and required contents.

General indications

Documents are sent to:
Text files use Unicode fonts and are sent in two formats: a) rtf or docx or doc, b) pdf. Audio files are in MP3, and video documents in MP4.
The scientific committee of ELLAF examines the contributions that are proposed and decides if and when they can be put on the site.
Contributions are signed by their authors. They can be considered as scientific publications.
They are about:

a) The language

b) The literature

c) Notes on authors and documents

d) The corpus

e) The bibliography

Contributions presenting the language and literature will be put under the headings Fiche Langue and Fiche Littérature used as a frame for an introduction to the data related to the language and the literature that are on the site. Specific contributions on oral or written literature will be put as a Notice or a Corpus (See below), with or without audio or audiovisual documents. Pictures will be illustrating the linguistic and literary framework of production of the data (scene, for ex.).

Without these two headings completed, no contribution will be accepted on the site.

Notice gives information about an author or a creator of oral texts, on the one hand, about the texts themselves, whether oral or written, already published or not, on the other hand. A short excerpt of the text will be given and its context will be explained shortly.

Corpus is an oral or a written text, a longer excerpt than in the Notice, or a full text.

The works presented here are new ones or reproduced with the permission of their authors or legal holders. The corpus is either translated or given with a detailed summery. It is contextualised on the model of the Notice.

Please note that a Notice or a Corpus cannot be put on the site if there is no related Fiche Langue and Fiche Littérature.

Key words: authors indicate under each contribution a list of key words (new or existing ones).
Bibliography: each contribution will have a selected bibliography (see further for rules defined for its presentation). Contributions will be written according to the following canvas:

Language Overview

Literature overview

Bibliographic Note




Translated by Delombera Negga (INALCO/PLIDAM)