Literature overview



Literature overview

1. General presentation of the literature

1.1. Existing literatures

Types of literatures according to their expression modalities, oral and/or written

1.2. Script(s) in use

2. Oral literature

2.1. Genres

Cite existing genres in the oral literature in question

Say if the texts are presented only in transcription or given with audio or audiovisual recordings, with or without translation

2.2. Neo-orality

It is about the adaptation of oral literature genres in different texts of “oralité première” (cf. oralité ), spectacles, festivals, etc.

Presentation of such productions

3. Literary writings

3.1. Genres

Presentation of existing genres, whatever the script

Presentation of the authors, the most frequent genres; indicate literary prizes if any

3.2. Diffusion

Publisher (names, local and/or international)

Radio, television

New media

Other means of diffusion

4. Selected bibliography


Translated by Delombera Negga (INALCO/PLIDAM)


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